The Great American Afghan

The Great American Afghan

The Great American Afghan a square at a time is a great opportunity for knitter’s to expand their skills taking on the challenge of learning advanced techniques one square at a time. Knitters find designing with blocks easy, fun, instructive and exciting.

Knitters explore a broad range of advanced knitting techniques one square at a time and work together to create a unique afghan.

And since the squares are made one at a time, they are portable and interchangeable. You’re free to choose a square or color to repeat or omit and develop your own ideas as you go along.

Knitting with blocks is fun because blocks are small they make it easier to learn a new technique that you may not have tried before.

They are also “travel friendly” –you don’t have to lug around a huge garment with you.

They’re fantastic to work on with others; lots of friends can knit different sections that can be used to build a wonderful piece for charity or a special loved one.

Call Penny at the shop to schedule this class. Our number is (703) 978-2220.

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